Get to know the Street team!

If you ever see us at shows feel free to say hi, we might even have goodies we can hand out if you’re lucky! This page is so you can get to know the people behind the team.


my face.jpgMy name is Shanna, I’m 24 and I’m from a town in England called Bath! I love music, don’t favour a specific genre, if I like it I like it. I’ve loved the band since day dot pretty much. I heard about the band initially via Ryan. I’ve followed Ryan’s work for a while, since the POV days. I first saw him sing live when he did one song on the Bowling For Soup farewell tour in the UK. That was the first time I met him, he was holding onto a Gargamel art print for me (smurftastic!) I gave Ryan a letter I had written saying I was looking forward to watching his music progress, and boy am I glad I stayed for the journey! I’ve since met Ryan twice more, only once remembering to ask for a photo and nearly blinding the poor bugger in the process! And do you know what is great? He ALWAYS remembers my name, that people ALWAYS get my name wrong, and that I met him in Bristol. That’s one of the reasons I love the band as you’ll see later on.

I briefly met Rob once at Hit The Deck but that was more of a walk into him and apologise kind of thing though. Why did I set up the street team? Well 1) I Love the band! 2) This band are not in it for the money (although i’m sure that’s an added bonus haha) No it’s obvious these guys do what they do because they care! Not only does it show through in the quality of their music but also in the way they treat their fans, remembering of names and conversations had together previously really does make a fan feel special. It’s not a fanbase its a family! 

I’m proud of the band and I’m hoping the street team will continue to grow as the band become more successful!




Hi, I’m Jon. I’m 36 and I hail from Hull in East Yorkshire, UK. I was introduced to Ryan when I won VIP Tickets to see POV and Patent Pending in Leeds about 3 years ago, “Hooked” is just about the only way to describe it. That was the first time I met Ryan, I’ve since met him again and become an avid fan of online shows and the recorded stuff, I pledged for the new album and got a signed CD and my name in the liner notes. I just love it! 

Where to begin? I always liked being on stage, however it took quite some time for me to become interested in playing an instrument and singing in a band. I suppose I can blame my brother for my taste in music pointing towards Rock in general with the likes of Guns n Roses, Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Green Day blaring from his bedroom and earphones quite a lot, it’s not surprising I picked up on it. So from the age of about 10 I was listening more and more to what my parents called noise.  I was contacted by my friend Mark who I had jammed with in the past and classed as a pretty good mate. He had an audition set up for a place on the BTEC National Diploma in Pop Music and needed someone to sing “Australia” by The Manic Street Preachers, of course I agreed and then applied for the course myself. Now I couldn’t read music and didn’t have a GCSE in Music, but I can play a little keyboard, a lot of guitar and I can sing, for some reason I got into the course. This was where my first real band got together. 

And now the Street Team!!!!!

I just wanna be involved in music anyway I can, My job revolves around music (I.T based Radio stuff) I still play the guitar and sing, and I get out to gig’s whenever I can! So why not get involved with the street team for a band I love ???