Costa coffee deals and high spirits! Tour updates!

Since we last posted the tour has been to Huddersfield and Manchester! Whilst both of these shows weren’t technically sold out, the crowds were big and the spirits high, quite literally in Manchester it sounds like via Ryans live tour diary!

If you haven’t been following the live tour diary updates you can do so via the Ryan Hamilton And The Traitors facebook page!  Here is a brief summary of what Ryan mentions in the past videos:

GLASGOW: Sold out show. Was a little nervous and jittery as are all first shows. Storm Doris stopped a few people getting to the gig.

GATESHEAD: Another sold out show! Great,fun, good show. Drinks named after band at the venue.

HUDDERSFIELD: Keeping it classy staying in travelodges rather than sofas and van. Great venue. (Lots of talk about Costa and why does Ryan not have a Costa sponsorship? C’mon Costa!) People have been coming up to Ryan and saying it’s been their favourite Ryan show full band or not.

MANCHESTER: Was a good show BUT someone had to be kicked out! (that’s alcohol for you guys) There was a room full of people who had a great time. Talking about today being kind of a day off, and meeting up with Mickey and Rob.



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